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Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteers ….the special ingredient! With your help the Red Hills International Horse Trials will continue to grow and become even more successful! For competitors and spectators alike it is often the little things that make a difference.  Nothing is more important — or makes a lasting impression — more than a warm, happy smile. Bring one with you!


All volunteers are required to complete two waiver forms, which are attached to the volunteer form or may be provided by committee chairs.


  • Khakis or jeans (pants or shorts)
  • Sunglasses and hat or visor (or – alas) Waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Layers of clothing work best–mornings may be cool


Before the event, a member of your assigned committee will give you a volunteer badge and parking pass that will admit you to the park and to the Volunteer Parking area.

Upon arrival report immediately to your assigned area.

Plan to leave purses and other valuables locked in your trunk.


You may pack your own food and drink, or enjoy a meal from one of our great food vendors.


Let people know how pleased we are to host an event like Red Hills. If someone asks you a question you cannot answer, try to find someone who can. Red Hills has an extensive radio communication system for contacting key people on the grounds.

Statements About the Event

In the unlikely event a competitor or a spectator has an accident, do NOT comment. Your statement must be, “I do not know.” There will be only one Official Statement from one authorized Red Hills Official.

Your Specific Assignment

If you have not been contacted by your committee chair, you will be contacted shortly. Your chair will review your specific assignment with you. If no one contacts you or if you have questions/concerns please call: 850-580-4020.

Without you, there could be no Red Hills.  Thank you!