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Sponsors Tailgate at Red Hills Tickets

Tailgate tickets are currently only for sale with a sponsorship. If already a sponsor, fill out the form below.

Rules for Tailgating at Red Hills

Tailgate wrist bands and parking passes are valid on Saturday only.

Passenger vehicles only. No buses, campers, RVs, or other over-sized vehicles are permitted.

No additional motorized vehicles allowed. This includes golf carts, ATVs, scooters or motorcycles.

The gate opens at 7 a.m. on Saturday. For your and our athletes’ safety, please arrive at this time for set-up. Cross-country competition beings at 8 a.m. Early set up on Friday afternoon can be arranged by contacting us in advance.

No generators, blenders or other noisy equipment permitted.

No grills or open flame.

No more than 6 wrist bands per tailgate (Children under 12 are free and do not need a wrist band).

Alcohol is permitted in the designated tailgate area only. Do not take alcohol into other areas of the park.

Know the rules that apply to your selected tailgate option including arrival window, set up, tent types, and departure times.