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French Link not Allowed for Dressage

We have received confirmation from the FEI regarding the use of the French Link for Eventing Dressage

It is not allowed for the Dressage test.  

The 2020 Eventing Rules Annex A -Permitted bits does not include any diagram with a “plate” section in the bit under “permitted mouthpieces”, therefore any bit with a “plate” is currently not allowed.  

All Permitted bits for eventing Dressage are included in Annex A of the Eventing rules. If a bit is not included in this Annex, it means that is not allowed for Eventing Dressage.

Please find below clarification from Catrin Norinder, Director, Eventing & Olympic regarding use of the French Link. The 2020 Rules Annex A does not include any diagram under “permitted mouthpieces” of the bit “French link “ contrary to the Dressage rules where this bit is clearly represented. A lozenge in a double jointed bit is permitted.

French Link
French Link is not allowed for the Dressage test.