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Competitor Check-In Protocols

Red Hills week has arrived, and we are all looking forward to having you in Tallahassee. The continuing COVID-19 rampage and now the EHV-1 have prompted Red Hills to pay close attention to biosecurity measures to ensure that you and your horses enjoy a safe, virus-free weekend!


Modified Arrival Process

Out of utmost caution we are modifying the arrival process. Our Welcome Volunteers and team of veterinarians will accept arrivals on Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  If you are unable to arrive between those hours, please call Dr. Nancy Goyert at 850-556-3894 to arrange an alternative check-in time.

When you arrive, please turn into the park at GATE A, the gate before you get to the one we normally use. Please pull down into the field as the layout will indicate. Unload all of your horses to have their temperatures taken, and have your paperwork ready. The veterinary staff and the Welcome Volunteers will come to your rig to temp all of your horses, take the temperatures of all of the passengers in your vehicle(s), and check to be sure each person has signed both the USEF Waiver and the Red Hills Waiver.

Here is the link to the release forms, in case you have not signed the waivers: These are required for every member of your party.


Equine Temperatures

Should your horse register a temperature greater than 101.5 degrees, you will be asked to graze him/her in the shade, then be rechecked. Any horse with a sustained temperature of 102 degrees or more, and all horses traveling with that horse, will be asked to leave the show grounds. 


Human Temperatures

If you or a person traveling with you registers a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees, you and s/he will be rechecked. If you or any person traveling with you, sustains a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, none of you will be admitted to the park nor able to return the rest of the weekend for the competition.

Once your rig has been cleared, all passengers will be issued colored wristbands, and directed to proceed to the stabling area. WELCOME TO RED HILLS!

All of the tents and stalls have been disinfected and pressure-washed, then sprayed with Synbiont Agricultural Spray. We are serious about biosecurity!


Equine Daily Temp Taking

Remember, a Three-Day Health Certificate is required for each horse, in addition to Coggins and requisite passports. Don’t forget your thermometers!! Twice-daily temperatures must be taken for each horse and recorded on stall cards.


Human Daily Temp Taking

Every human will be temp-ed each morning as they enter the park. If your temperature does not exceed 100.4 degrees, you will be issued the color-of-the-day wristband.

Over kill??? We don’t think so. We do not want you or your horse to go home sick!! Please help us uphold the standards. MASKS ARE MANDATORY!! Maybe they are a nuisance, but….

Travel safely,

The Red Hills Team