Tail-Gait FAQs

Q: Who can enter the tailgate area?

A: All spectators are welcome in the Tailgate area.  Vehicles displaying the “T” parking pass are the only vehicles permitted.

Q: How many parking spaces are at my Tailgate?

A: One vehicle is allowed to park at each spot. If purchasing a parking pass for a second vehicle, it will be assigned to a separate space nearby.

Q: I gave friends some of my tailgate wristbands.  How can they get to the Tailgate area?

A: Your friends will park at Gate A Spectator parking.  When they arrive at the Welcome Tent they will show their wristbands to enter the event.  From there, the path to the Tailgate area is well marked and you won’t be hard to find.

Q: When can I set up my Tailgate?

A: Early set ups are permitted on Friday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the Tailgate area.  You are also welcome to set up on Saturday morning under certain conditions:

  • If your tailgate is “On the Water” or “On The Lane” you must set up before the Cross Country competition begins.  Late arrivers may be held in a queue until a break in the competition allows for any late set up.  The gates open at 7 am and competition is scheduled to start at 8 am. If you need more than an hour to set up, we recommend the early set up option on Friday.
  • If your tailgate is “On the Treeline” you are welcome to arrive and set up any time on Saturday.

Q: Do I have to stay in the Tailgate area all day?

A: No, you are free to leave the area and roam the park to your heart’s content and check out the Avenue of Shops while you’re at it!

Q: How many friends can I invite to my tailgate spot?

A: Each tailgate spot includes entrance to the park for six. (Children 12 and under are free and require no wristbands.) There is no limit on the friends you invite as long as they have a wristband or have paid the entrance fee; however, please be respectful of your fellow tailgaters and avoid encroaching on your neighbor’s space.

Q: Are the “T” pass and wristbands good on Friday and Sunday?

A: No, your “T” parking pass and wristbands are valid on Saturday only.  If attending the event on Friday or Sunday, you will want to purchase spectator or sponsor passes separately.